Saturday, January 7, 2012

Sissy Mail

Sometime today I can happily welcome the 100,000 visitor to the Sissy Spot. So welcome all you wonderful sissies, I hope the blog is doing everything you need in a sissy spot - fap material, inspiration and goals for your feminine development!

A slight intermission from captions, assignments and games for some comments/questions from sissy visitors.


Regina's always happy to see her trained sissies develop.

"This may not be the right place to ask this. But will Mistress Regina ever have another run on here Natalienne?"
- AverageCoder

She's sure to be back at some point, hopefully the next time I manage to get an extended vacation she'll have some free time as well.


The sissy posters here are naturally an extension of those inspirational posters hung on every office wall (but much more fitting for sisses). But my original inspiration was, in fact, Steffi. So it is wonderful to see that she's stopped by my blog.

I'd also love to share my favorite Steffi poster (which is actually from her Naughty Bits blog instead of the normal page).

"Hey Natalie, Thought you might be interested. My Blog is back up and running :) Steffimariechen's Forced Femme Caption Blog Happy New Year!"
- Steffimariechen

I first saw her postings at SissyKiss, but the work is much more concentrated at her own blog; you're bound to find some captions you love!


I love hearing lovely stories from sissy (especially if my assignments help make you yearn to relive them :D ). I'm sure most sissies are just stopping by to improve their girly side, so I'd hate for gems like this to fall by the wayside:

"i used to have a house with a pool in the back. i would put on my pink bikini with a white t-shirt over it, then go clean the pool. people could see me, and also my bottoms peeking out from under the shirt. then i would make sure to get the shirt wet so my top was visible. and then i would take off the top and swim for hours. i loved it so much, the feel of the top on my nipples, the pull of the string on the back of my neck as i swam, my clit tucked back and held tightly by my bright pink bikini bottom. omg. i would always put on my lipstick before i went out too, it made me feel just delicious. i ended up with five different suits, all bikinis, mostly pink, some triangle top, some halter top. now the house is gone, the pool is gone. i still have the suits but its not the same. i miss it. ;)"
- tammie

Hopefully you'll have another lovely pool for your sissy self to exercise in!

Otherwise, I love to see so many sissies adopting and loving their new sissy lifestyles. Don't worry, there are sure to be more aspects of a sissy lifestyle for your development. And of course - based on the main draw my traffic sources - there's sure to be some more roulettes and assorted games. I also hope to get some interactive flash quizzes and more in-depth games, but I need to find some suitable resources first.


  1. lovely post some new updated fap roulette sure is welcome, this idea is nice once in a while post the sissy mail of your favorite stories

  2. i just love your site! thank you so much for all you do!