Saturday, January 31, 2015

Selfie Struggle

My New Years Resolution was only mildly girly/sissy-related: To actually post something once per month (...not really the most prolific production. The procrastination also seems to be in full effect :p ).

Hopefully you've ventured forward and embraced your sissydom even more since my last post!

I use an actual camera for my selfies because my phone is terrible, but there are tons of fantastic sissy phone selfies. Of course, I've only received 1 or 2 message sent to the wrong person. But it might be best if you did so while dolled up and performing one of your favorite activities.

"Nice pic, sissy" or "Let's get together, sissy" could be some of the responses you end up getting...

Plus, would you really want to hide beautiful pictures like this from the world? Maybe it's time to start sharing, sissy.