Saturday, February 28, 2015

Dice Dressing Game

I've recently learned that Google is changing their terms of service to prohibit blogs with a heavy focus on nudity and pornography (mine is old enough that it will become private instead of being outright banished from the Googlesphere).

Despite my focus on helping you embolden your feminine side, this blog does have an abundance of nudity and pornographic materials so there's not much I can do to stay on Blogger. So I am in search of somewhere to migrate my content for sissies in the future (tumblr seems to be the leading candidate). I hope to keep everything available, but sorry for the (future) inconvenience.

But never mind that—it's play time. Sometimes you need a bit of coercion to eek out your inner sissy. I have just the game for you! Care to roll the dice?

(first version posted on Sissy Kiss)

I'm sure you have a few cute pink dice sitting around, right sissy? n case you don't, I got these digital ones just for you. Now you'll need to roll for how long you'll play, what you'll wear, and how overtly girly you'll have to be. Don't worry, we won't push you too far.

Roll the first die.

This is your time die (TD) - the number of consecutive days you'll be rolling the dice. This one's very simple. Get a 1, then the game lasts 1 day. Get a 6 and the game lasts 6 days.

...At first, anyway.

Roll the second die.

This is your clothing die (CD). It even has a very fitting abbreviation!

You'll roll one of these each day you're playing the game. It represents the number of articles of feminine clothing you'll have to wear as part of your outfit for the whole day (unless you have a work uniform or other mandatory clothing; in that case you'll change when you get done).

You have to wear one piece of feminine clothing for each pip you rolled. If you're still a closeted sissy, you can opt to halve this number (rounded up) while you play, but you must double the number of days from your time die.

The secret is, of course, that people in modern society wear on average 8 to 10 articles of clothing, and some of those are usually paired (socks, shoes, earrings). This means if you get a 6, you'll almost certainly have to wear something noticeably feminine or get very creative with how you dress. Lots of sissies are afraid to wear more than panties, so even if you go with the more conservative option, you'll most likely still have a full set of female underwear on every day!

Roll the third die.

This is your makeup die (MD). You'll roll one of these each day, too. One feminine beauty product or type of cosmetics per number on the die. Ultra simple, sissy. Plus, this is really easy if you love nail polish, because you can easily take care of 1 off the bat if you keep your toenails painted! If you had facial cleanser and flowery-scented bodywash you'd be halfway to a six already!

As an example to help you out: if you got a TD of 5, an initial CD of and a first MD of you'd have a few choices to make:

Dress for 5 days, being daring and starting with 5 articles of clothing (like panties, a bra, pantyhose, a girly white belt and a camisole) and then pampering yourself with 4 beauty products (like a vibrant lipstick, subtle eye liner, a dab of eye shadow and some beautifully painted toenails).

Dress for 10 days, being a secretive closeted sissy and starting with 3 articles of clothing (like panties and a pair of cute pink socks) and then pampering yourself with 4 beauty products (like lilac-scented bodywash, deodorant for women, a hint of lip gloss, and a tiny bit of concealer).

If you're looking to up the ante (or you're a bit more of a geekier sissy), you might consider playing with some 10-sided dice instead of drab old 6-sided ones. :D

Ready to play sissy?

Saturday, January 31, 2015

Selfie Struggle

My New Years Resolution was only mildly girly/sissy-related: To actually post something once per month (...not really the most prolific production. The procrastination also seems to be in full effect :p ).

Hopefully you've ventured forward and embraced your sissydom even more since my last post!

I use an actual camera for my selfies because my phone is terrible, but there are tons of fantastic sissy phone selfies. Of course, I've only received 1 or 2 message sent to the wrong person. But it might be best if you did so while dolled up and performing one of your favorite activities.

"Nice pic, sissy" or "Let's get together, sissy" could be some of the responses you end up getting...

Plus, would you really want to hide beautiful pictures like this from the world? Maybe it's time to start sharing, sissy.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Sun, Swimming and Sissy (Assignment)

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It's summer, sissy! (At least for the northern hemisphere, where most sissies are—sorry southern sissies). You know what that means? Going outside to enjoy the nice, warm sun. Showing a bit of skin with tight, short clothing. And outdoor swimming to tone up your butt, keep you sleek and show off your feminine curves. What's the point of shaving your legs, painting your toenails and toning your body if you're not going to show it off, sissy?

Let me stop you right now and tell you that this assignment is best done on a warm (75 °F/25 °C), sunny day. If you're an unfortunate sissy living in a rainy, overcast-laden locale, wait for a good day before reading and doing this assignment. But if you're a lucky sissy blessed with good weather, carry on!

Now, you might have worn a women's swimming suit before or you might not have one yet. Today it won't matter.

I've espoused my love of the one-piece before (sure you can show off more of your body with a bikini, but there's nothing that screams "I am girly" like a form-fitting one-piece you can't escape or hide like a bikini bottom.

Your assignment today is very simple, sissy: Go play in the water like a girl. First, don your girly swimming suit. One-piece, two-piece (even an amazing three-piece where the bikini bottom ties together!), the specific suit isn't that important. Now get in the water. Done.

(Needless to say, sissy. You shouldn't be cleaning off any nail polish or makeup you might be wearing.)

If you're one of those sissies in denial that hasn't come to terms with the fact she shouldn't be buying men's clothing and all you have is gruff, ugly male swimming trunks, you will have to "make" your own swimming suit. Grab a permanent marker and draw the outline of the suit you are supposed to be wearing. That's right sissy - the line under your breasts, the fabric patch covering your nipples, the straps to hold it in place, the strings of your bikini bottom. You will draw your suit on everywhere you can reach. Finally, as punishment for not accepting your true nature, you'll also write "I am a sissy" on your tummy in big, legible letters. That way, when you buy your one-piece to cover the writing, you can go out and no one will know what a bad girl you've been.

Backyard pool, busy beach, secluded watering hole. The location doesn't matter, as long as you're wet from head to toe. Feel the added weight of the water soaked into your suit. Cherish the gentle caress of your sopping wet suit clinging to you in all the right girly places.

Of course, for more house-bound sissies (or sissies living in deserts), it can be a bit difficult to find a bathing spot. In that case, you can use your bathtub. Fill it up, splash around, and enjoy yourself. Then quickly pull on your (white!) overshirt and shorts if necessary, throw on your sandals and head out to check the mail or walk around the block. No dillydallying, sissy—you'd better me wet in all the right ways when you get outside!

Now that you've taken your first dip into the summer, it may be time for a bit of tanning. Or just lounge around and enjoy your girly attire until it's dry and then put it away for next time. Time to start enjoying the summer, sissy!

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Bending and Breaking

Press a sissy long enough and she'll give in...

Also thanks to the sissies who submitted nail polish pictures!

Even though I forgot to throw up a new June picture in the Sissy Schedule (hey, it's barely June-like weather over here!), everything should be better now.

Saturday, May 31, 2014

Summer Reading

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The more feminine-nature of many sissies means they often have a more feminine appetite for erotica. Most manly guys love videos or pictures as their porn of choice, while many women settle on erotic novels or erotica. No wonder that many sissies crave a good captioned pic, then! But there's an abundance of free literature to excite your aching clitty.

 Other than sourcing some juicy erotica, it's important to consider what type of story you're looking for. Scientific, magical or mystical transformations? Forced feminization? True tales of sissification? Mind control? Your options are truly limitless. As a budding selection of favorites from a variety of genres:

 The Setup by Superfry

 A guy is troubled by his lost ex as she returns after dumping him and tries to make him suck cock. Features blackmail, semi-forced feminization, crossdressing and manipulation.

 Nymphomania by Edward Miller (and the sequel Help!)

A freshman college students is experimented on, becoming going from normal guy to hyper-aroused slut; her body proportions and arousal grow as she reacts to cum. "Scientific transformation, lots of sex, mind manipulation.

Bike Shed Rendezvous by Tomsparty

A 2nd person tale of how you're lured to the school bike shed and tricked by one of the popular girls. Crossdressing, manipulation, co-erced sexual acts.

The Sadler School Sissy by Slave 23

A new addition to a school finds out he's forced to take on a role to 'relieve' all of the other jocks in school. Transformation, forced feminization, co-erced/forced sexual acts.

Remember: There's no punishment for printing one out so you can lounge out by the sea reading your sissy erotica!

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Sissy Body Art (Assignment)

Perhaps you may be up for some more sun-baked sissy body art. Unfortunately, many sissies are still faced with sour weather. Plus, suntans have a lack of fidelity. They can also be difficult for many sissies to apply. Fair-skinned sissies often risk sunburns and dry skin; ebony sissies may have trouble getting their art to show up at all.

Luckily there's another option: drawn-on body art. (And for the sissies that have already taken the next step and gotten an actual feminine tattoo: Way to go girl! Your dedication to girliness is an inspiration!)

Find a fine-tipped permanent marker (or my favorite for that extra feminine touch for a sissy: a lipstain) and pick out a design you like. For sissies with limited artistic experience, a simple shape will work best (the shoulder star like Bianca here, a Venus symbol, a bow). In a pinch, a short word also works well. Capital letters are easier to write neatly - even if you've been practicing your girly handwriting, writing on yourself may be difficult. If you can't think of anything else, labelling yourself SISSY would be just perfect!

 But you don't want to hide your art away!

You have to show it off, sissy. If you're not quite brave enough to go with a fully bared piece of body art, you're going to go as close as you can: Your shoulder/upper arm, lower thigh or ankle (hidden, but just barely). No need to worry if you have concerns about your drawing skills - you've got plenty of places elsewhere on your body to practice where no one will see! You can try to draw or trace a pattern in pen and then fill it in with a more permanent solution later on. Or try free-hand if you're a bit more confident (short strokes will work better as you flesh out your design, the marker will naturally bleed over a bit into the surrounding skin).

Once you're done, you'll have a neat little girly reminder that's just a wrinkle or ruffle of clothing away. A raised sleeve, a lowered sock and you'll be able to show off your girly art!

Most permanent ink will wash off within a few days (depending on your marker, it may become much less visible after just one wash - feel free to touch it up as you see fit). If you have sensitive skin, test out a marker first to make sure you won't have any unfortunate rashes or uncomfortable events to ruin your artistic experience.

Most importantly - have fun and express your inner sissy!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Sit back and relax

Maybe listen to a little something...

Sorry about the slow updates! Also, thanks to the handful of people that vote and comment!