Monday, October 31, 2011

Home is where your mouth is

At least, if you're an obedient cocksucking sissy.

Don't worry sissies, your chances of being forced to become a submissive sissy slut if you travel abroad are pretty slim...

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Rolling for More Femininity (Game)

It's time to break out your pink sissy dice and roll once again. Or if you haven't rolled yet, you can start with the first rolling game. You've got a chance at 6 simple tasks any sissy can do!

Your legs are going to be glued together tomorrow. No matter if you're standing or sitting or jumping or trying to run - your thighs must stay next to each other. You can separate them for up to 20 seconds every hour (to clean or wipe or stretch). Otherwise you'll be in the closed feminine stance of having your legs together.

You're going to put on lipstick and wear it off instead of wiping it off. My recommendation is pursing your lips and kissing a pure white sheet of paper so you can keep a record of your sissy escapade hung up on your wall. If you don't have something as simple as lipstick, you'll have to use something like a washable marker (I'll warn adventurous sissies that any non-yellow, non-red color is going to be difficult to wash off - washable or not). You can drink water (or perhaps a more alluring fluid) out of a glass, eat, lick your lips or do anything else you want - aside from wipe off your lipstick. Until you go to bed, where you can clean up the (small) trace that should be left.

It's winter now, so long-sleeve shirts and pants are the norm. There's no reason for you to worry about people seeing your feminine, hairless body after you shave. Which is what you're going to do: shave your legs, your arms, your chest, and your arm pits. Just like a dedicated girl trying to impress!

It's time to practice your handwriting for all the world to see. Everything you write tomorrow is going to be immaculate, smooth and flowing. Even if you must sign your name - you'll put in the effort to make it look neat and feminine (even if it's something official like a driver's licence or a cheque).

Today you're going to claim the bathroom for your own makeover (hopefully you don't share a bathroom with anybody, sissy!). Many sissies have fantasies about being dressed in French Maid uniforms and cleaning ...well, the outfit isn't necessary here, but first you're going to make sure the counter space and mirror are clean and unblemished. Then you're going to lay out all of the cosmetics you have as though this were going to be where you were going to put on makeup every morning. Then make yourself up. You can then put away your cosmetics...but really, you're just making more work for yourself, sissy.

The simplest task - especially for sissies that do it already. You're going to paint your toenails (in tune with the assignment before). And you're going to leave that polish on until it starts to wear off or until your fingernails extend half a centimeter (about 3/16th of an inch) out from your fingertips. And, of course, if you don't have nail polish then you'll either have to buy some or use a permanent marker.

There's no reason to give in to paranoia like "what if I get injured on my way to work and get stuck in the hospital." If you're in the hospital your loved ones' first question will not be about your pretty toenails. Don't let your cowardly male side subvert your inner sissy's joy!

Happy rolling, sissies!

Friday, October 28, 2011

C to the K

Certainly a great party for one of them...

And I'll be happy to oblige sissy demands for more games and other fun stuff! They take more time, but I have a few things in progress.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Sheer Denier (Assignment)

I know, some of you sissies might still be working on my last assignment, but it's a special time of year for sissies that I want to make sure you don't pass up.

That's right, Halloween!

Many sissies choose to let their inner girl run free on Halloween. It's the one day of the year where she can be completely uninhibited. Make-up, dresses, skirts, cheerleader outfits - anything works (although dedicated sissies may get odd looks if panties are involved. But there are other sissies who completely neglect this holiday and keep their inner girl locked up tight. Well not this time. If nothing else you are going to buy a small present for her.

It doesn't matter if you're a poor college student, living with your parents, a closet sissy hiding your femininity from your wife, or a free-spirited sissy who loves to go out dressed to the nines. You need to buy pantyhose tomorrow (also called tights in some countries). You are going to go to a department store, a drugstore, a pharmacy - wherever you can find pantyhose. And you are going to splurge on your inner sissy and buy her a pair. Get pink or flesh-toned or black or white - whatever calls out to your femininity. But whichever denier/sheerness you want (smoother will feel more sensual, but is easier to damage).

And since it is Halloween pansy little sissies can claim they are buying the tights for a costume. Ask a clerk for help if you wish (or wander around until you find them, whichever will get you in those tights). Make sure they fit by reading the packaging on the back, though, sissy. There is usually sizing information on the back.

There's absolutely no reason you shouldn't be wearing a pair of pantyhose tomorrow. This is $2 (or 1£/1.50€) that your sissy deserves. If you have to miss a meal to buy them your inner girl won't mind, trust me.

Put them on by rolling them down to the footy for one leg. Stick your foot in and pull them tight by pressing your hand against the fabric and sliding it tight (don't use your fingernails, that's how you get runs in your pantyhose). Once you have one leg up high enough, follow suit with the other leg. Once they're above your knees you can grab them by the waistband and bring them up to settle on your hips (pulling them up with your palms as necessary). Then enjoy the sensual, smooth feel of your budding femininity wrapped around your legs.

Of course, they're better with smooth legs, but some sissies are too afraid to shave.

Inspired sissies may want to go all out with the "I'm dressing as a girl for Halloween" excuse and pick-up all the makeup they can carry. Of course, sissies completely comfortable with picking up their feminine articles whenever they need them will have cut out one errand from their future.

Much love and luck to you sissies! And a Happy Halloween (probably dressed as a girl :D )!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Free Room her cute little sissy hole, of course!

And board - all the cum she can swallow. You know you wouldn't pass up an exquisite deal like that, would you sissy?

Monday, October 24, 2011

An Interesting Xchange

But at least Takuya is probably familiar with this.

(Image from the beauties at

If she paid more attention maybe she would have known what the chemicals did. Or maybe she's like most of us sissies and did it on purpose...

And in case anyone hasn't recognized it: basic story of this caption is shamelessly stolen from the hentai game X-Change (but if you want to actually play one go for X-Change 2).

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Limp (Assignment)

No, not that kind of limp, sissy.

Gestures and mannerisms are an important part of femininity. Most women are more physically expressive than men, but their gestures are also more subtle. Most men don't have the long flowing hair (or the inclination like you do, sissy) to twirl or flip their hair. Most men don't have the breadth of emotion or awareness to bite their lip when they're unsure or aroused. But many sissies are too afraid that someone will notice their womanly gesticulations so they don't practice or reinforce what may come naturally.

Keeping your legs together when possible and not "spreading eagle" when you sit down are both good examples of body language a good sissy should try to emulate, but they're also very obvious. A sissy pretending to be a man doesn't have much of disguise if she folds one leg over the other and always keeps her elbows at her sides. And although a sissy should never really hide her inner girl, it's an inevitable fact that many do.

But there is a gesture that can be very subtle and very feminine: the limp wrist.

A limp wrist shows submissiveness and docility. Female executives are taught to expunge this gesture from their repertoire since it implies defenselessness and weakness. Its use by women is so commonplace that the term "limp-wrist" is often associated with gay men striving for femininity - but that's not applicable here, sissy. You are a sissy realizing her feminine nature.

Your goal for the next week is to consciously do what subconsciously comes to many women: have limp wrists (until it becomes second nature to you too, sissy). If at all possible your wrists should be bent. Your fingers should never be aligned with your forearm; the back of your wrist should not form a line with the back of your forearm. If you're laying your hands on your lap make sure your wrists are slightly bent. Unless of course you're doing something that can only be done with straight wrists (such as typing).

After a week your muscle memory is sure to have gotten in tune with your feminine self and you should be limp whenever it's appropriate.

As a computer-savvy sissy (you are visiting this blog, after all), you can always say you're bending your wrists as physical exercise to alleviate carpal tunnel syndrome...and to reinforce your femininity.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Like you're being watched

It's only paranoia if they're not watching you.

Of course, why bother being paranoid about people finding out? The sooner people know the sooner you can truly embrace your sissydom.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

She doesn't know Jack

i.e. she only knows her new self.

Two incredibly beautiful sissies in a row. I think this may be the beginning of a "sissies I would love to be" marathon (I'm not so sure about the memory erasure). Wait...this marathon may have been going on for a while.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Gone in a Whisper

It had already happened. There was barely any time to get his thoughts in order.

(Photo of the beautiful Sarina Valentina)

Oblivious to whatever it was that happened in the past, Rachel certainly enjoys her womanhood.

And thanks to the few people dropping reactions off for most of the posts. They may not be in-depth critiques or admiration in the form of comments, but I always appreciate the support! :D

Monday, October 17, 2011

No Drip

Well if you've gone this far it doesn't really make sense to turn back, now does it sissy?

Alright, I'll be honest: the plethora of 2nd person captions isn't just because of the reaction voting (although that is an influence). I've just been on a binge of directed fantasies. It's wonderful to see the influx of sissies visiting and (in some cases) following the blog. Welcome ladies! :D

The site is on the cusp of 25,000 sissy visits...Making my sissy blog far more successful than my other blogs

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Make-Off (Assignment)

Make-up is an important part of being a sissy. There's something extra feminine about pampering your face and your nails and even your entire body to make it the most beautiful, sexy version of yourself.

If you can do this assignment in the morning it will likely be more effective for your overall growth as a sissy.

But many sissies don't dare to wear this mask of femininity in public. Many home-bound sissies are extra meticulous in making sure that no hint of their feminine aspirations is visible to the outside world. They scrub and wipe while they stare at a mirror to remove every trace of femininity enhancing powders and creams from their faces.

Today you're not going to be that OCD, sissy. The opposite, in fact.

You are going to dress to the nines - well, dress your face, anyway. You're going to make-up your face so that it is immaculate. Use everything at your disposal. Make sure you include at least 5 cosmetics. Lipstick and eyeshadow are musts. Then go about your business as you want (keep it on for at least 15 minutes - your inner sissy deserves at least that long).

When it's time to remove your makeup - either because you're going out or expecting someone over - you can begin the true assignment.

Clean off your makeup in a normal sink without the benefit of a mirror or make-up remover pads. Use soap and water to get rid of the make-up. Scrub and pat at it until you think it's gone - you've likely removed make-up many times before, so you should be able to gauge when you've been at it long enough. Of course, you may miss some. Perhaps you'll leave a hint of shimmer on your eyelids from left-over eyeshadow. Maybe you'll have slightly racoon-ish eyeliner from no-run eyeliner. But you won't know, because you're not to look in a mirror for the rest of the day.

Others may see your sissy aspirations in the form of make-up still remaining on your faces. While your inner sissy should be emboldened. For as much as she and you know you've been outside with a clearly visible made-up face.

And as always: Safety, first sissy! When you're removing makeup from your eyes it's important not to scrub or rub very hard. You can scratch or irritate your corneas or sclera by rubbing dust, debris or make-up particulates against the eye. This is also true when you're using remover pads or even applying makeup.

They're the centerpiece of your face, sissy - make sure you keep them pristine.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

A Love Affair

But who could blame you?

Mira certainly wouldn't (although maybe a bit miffed you didn't share).

Friday, October 14, 2011

Sara's Convinced

Even a reluctant or uncooperative sissy is still a sissy.

And after a questioning glance Sara is sure to be an obedient, perfect, good little sissy...

It's also wonderful to see all the aspiring (and proven alike!) sissies with growing interest in the site!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Devotion (Poster)

Of course, it can be hard to smile for the camera with a cock in your mouth, so you might be better off simply moaning your approval, sissy.

Monday, October 10, 2011


Everyone reacts differently.

Well, maybe not so much impressionable as dominated and emasculated. Just like a good sissy should be.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Mirror Mira

Who is sissiest of them all?

Sissy forever.

But then, there was never really a choice was there, sissy? :D

Saturday, October 8, 2011

A Bit of Branding (Assignment)

No, nothing as devilish as getting "sissy" tattooed onto your thigh (although some of you ladies may wish to work your way up to that). You're going to mark out the area where your inner sissy is freely dominant - your bedroom.

Arts and crafts are an important part of growing up, and unfortunately for many sissies that period was completely usurped by their male alter egos. Well it's time to get your true ego in on that growth and expression from your youth.

You're going to make a sign to announce that your bedroom is the domain of your sissy side - it is hers. She is the owner. Passers-by will also know that this room belongs to a beautiful sissy. This is the chance for your inner sissy to really express herself for all the world to (potentially) see!

The sign itself can be anything, so long as it conveys that the room belongs to a sissy. It could be something as simple as your name (or "Sissy" followed by your name). It could be something more complex, "Attention: Sissy Inside." Hand-written signs are best, but time-conscious and handwriting-conscious sissies could simply print out a version of the image above and then sign it with their name in marker. Decorate it however you want - hearts, stars, or just your sissy handwriting. So long as the sign is legible and clearly shows that it belongs to you, sissy.

More serious and intrepid sissies might even want to have a permanent sign professionally made to showcase their sissydom (you can always work up to that, sissy).

You're going to post it onto a door into your room. Sissies that live in one room apartments may have to put the sign on their front door. Every time you see it you'll be reminded you're entering an area that should belong to your inner girl. Every time anyone else sees it they'll know that a sissy lives there.

Keep the sign up for at least a 3 days. Don't pull it down on a whim (many sissies become regretful after fapping). Put in some extra work to properly secure it if you can't trust yourself. If you truly respect your inner girl you'll want to keep your sissy's sign up longer (or permanently, replacing it and remaking it whenever it gets tattered).

Without the sign your inner sissy knows where she lives. With the sign everyone else does, too.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Slipping In

When the beautiful sissy inside starts coming out beyond your control...well, then it might just be time to be a good girl and let her have her way.

Are you wearing sissy clothing like a good girl? Perhaps some smooth, lacy, frilly, silky things you've picked up (or your sissy side has picked up) to help improve your girlhood?

It's also wonderful to see all the new sissy faces visiting the blog! Hello new sissies!

(and welcome back to all the outstanding returning ladies!)

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Good Effort

Despite how imaginative and endearing a story or caption might be, becoming the perfect sissy takes work. Unfortunately many people give up when they feel like they aren't making headway, but don't despair sissies! As long as you're trying you're becoming a better sissy every day.

So for your inspiration (and maybe just a bit of oogling) - another beautiful sissy.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Always the best time

But what true sissy could really resist dressing in her new place alone and free to experiment (...unless of course someone comes knocking).

Also apparently some part of this site was linked at Anna Malice's wonderful collection of videos. Welcome to the site, sissies (there are more than you think)! I hope I not only help you enjoy yourself, but help your inner sissy enjoy herself, too. I'm a bit busy at the moment, but I'm hoping for exciting things in the coming weeks.

Sissies from Anna Malice's site would probably enjoy some assignments, the subviewer preset, or the roulettes.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Poke 'er

Gambling may have its advantageous.

Card-playing sissies may have a new game planned for the future. Don't feel bad if you feel compelled to throw the game...