Thursday, November 3, 2011

Truth or Dare 3

Recovered from the last Truth or Dare, sissy?

Truth or Dare is great for all sorts of sissies, since it gives every level of girl a choice. Locked up sissies can explore their feminine drive and ambition, while outgoing sissies can try to be a bit more daring. Which one you are is up to you!

Truth: Have you ever worn a girl's swimming suit?

Swimming suits are often one of the first true girl clothes that sissies with like-aged siblings wear. Clothes are very interchangeable until puberty - except swimming suits. Girls often have onepiece swimming suits, which are a far cry from the loose boxer shorts boys get. And young sissies often end up wearing them at least once - either because they're curious, or their sisters force them.

There's something particularly feminine about a one-piece swimming suit. The form-fitting design acts as a bra and panties in one and the close design emphasizes curves. It encases the torso in a layer of femininity. Some curious girls make their boyfriends wear a bra and panties as a joke; a guy might wear a dress on Halloween, but from high school onwards only sissies and women will ever wear one-piece swimming suits. But of course, there are bikinis and other sorts of swimming suits as well.

But have you really worn one, sissy? How did you feel? Swaddled in femininity. Pretending to be a pretty beach bimbo? Or just a cute girl lounging on the beach?

Dare: I dare you to go swimming in a girl's swimming suit.

The timing of this dare may seem a bit off - most of the planet's sissies are slowly moving into winter. But this means your dream swimming suit - bikini or onepiece - will likely be discounted. Although Australian and other Southern hemisphere sissies can go out and swim right away.

Feel the wet, tightened fabric cling to your curves. Enjoy the feeling of your stiff nipples in the cups of the suit. Embrace the femininity of gracefully swimming in something that no man would ever wear. And of course, when you get out you can watch the water stream down the crotch of the suit - something that never happens in baggy, gross man shorts.

It doesn't have to be a long swim. It doesn't even have to be at a populated area (in fact, sissies out to swim on deserted beaches would probably benefit now as well). I also heartily insist that you lounge in your beautiful swimming suit, drying off in the sun. But that's not explicitly part of the dare - just something you should try, sissy.

For most sissies now would be an apt time to buy a suit, and then June will be an excellent time to test out the suit (possibly working your way into fitting into it, if you're a bit too afraid to try and buy one in person).


  1. Fun task! reminds me to go shopping for a new bikini while they are on sale. This sissy still has hir tan two-piece tan lines from this summer. :-)

  2. I love wearing a bikini, it feels amazing, like walking around in just my bra and panties, but more acceptable to be in something so skimpy :)

    love the site, more assignments like this would be great ;) xx

  3. i used to have a house with a pool in the back. i would put on my pink bikini with a white t-shirt over it, then go clean the pool. people could see me, and also my bottoms peeking out from under the shirt. then i would make sure to get the shirt wet so my top was visible. and then i would take off the top and swim for hours. i loved it so much, the feel of the top on my nipples, the pull of the string on the back of my neck as i swam, my clit tucked back and held tightly by my bright pink bikini bottom. omg. i would always put on my lipstick before i went out too, it made me feel just delicious. i ended up with five different suits, all bikinis, mostly pink, some triangle top, some halter top.
    now the house is gone, the pool is gone. i still have the suits but its not the same. i miss it.
    tammie ;)