Friday, July 22, 2011

ABCs of Sissification (Preset)

And now a treat - especially if you've never heard of SubViewer. SubViewer is a program that takes a series of images (and potentially an audio file) and displays them in quick succession (like the hypnotic flash images available from Hypnotic Wishes).

So here is my SubViewer preset The ABCs of Sissification (File->Download Original).

There are a few subviewer groups in the Yahoo Groups section. You could download SubViewer through SubViewer 1 (but it will require a yahoo login). Or you can grab it from my docs page here.

And of course if you're epilectic or get nauseaous watching fast moving images you'll want to avoid using SubViewer. You'll have to train yourself to be an awesome sissy some other way (like with fap roulettes or audio hypnosis!).


  1. i've been creating/watching presets for about 12 months and i must say this one is fantastic. i plan to add it to my training schedule.



  2. Dear Natalie, Please help mr become the sissy i was born to be.
    I'm at
    Dana :)