Sunday, October 16, 2011

Make-Off (Assignment)

Make-up is an important part of being a sissy. There's something extra feminine about pampering your face and your nails and even your entire body to make it the most beautiful, sexy version of yourself.

If you can do this assignment in the morning it will likely be more effective for your overall growth as a sissy.

But many sissies don't dare to wear this mask of femininity in public. Many home-bound sissies are extra meticulous in making sure that no hint of their feminine aspirations is visible to the outside world. They scrub and wipe while they stare at a mirror to remove every trace of femininity enhancing powders and creams from their faces.

Today you're not going to be that OCD, sissy. The opposite, in fact.

You are going to dress to the nines - well, dress your face, anyway. You're going to make-up your face so that it is immaculate. Use everything at your disposal. Make sure you include at least 5 cosmetics. Lipstick and eyeshadow are musts. Then go about your business as you want (keep it on for at least 15 minutes - your inner sissy deserves at least that long).

When it's time to remove your makeup - either because you're going out or expecting someone over - you can begin the true assignment.

Clean off your makeup in a normal sink without the benefit of a mirror or make-up remover pads. Use soap and water to get rid of the make-up. Scrub and pat at it until you think it's gone - you've likely removed make-up many times before, so you should be able to gauge when you've been at it long enough. Of course, you may miss some. Perhaps you'll leave a hint of shimmer on your eyelids from left-over eyeshadow. Maybe you'll have slightly racoon-ish eyeliner from no-run eyeliner. But you won't know, because you're not to look in a mirror for the rest of the day.

Others may see your sissy aspirations in the form of make-up still remaining on your faces. While your inner sissy should be emboldened. For as much as she and you know you've been outside with a clearly visible made-up face.

And as always: Safety, first sissy! When you're removing makeup from your eyes it's important not to scrub or rub very hard. You can scratch or irritate your corneas or sclera by rubbing dust, debris or make-up particulates against the eye. This is also true when you're using remover pads or even applying makeup.

They're the centerpiece of your face, sissy - make sure you keep them pristine.


  1. I love your assignments and the humiliation that comes with them. Can you recommend other places that is also good with them?

  2. Thanks for the feedback! My favorite place to get assignments used to be Sissy Station, but that seems to have gone the way of the dodo - there's a site with a pseudo archive here.

    Otherwise you could do worse than piggybacking on other people's requests for assignments at SissyKiss (more ABDL-related) or ClubSissy

  3. Thanks a lot. Keep up the good work!

  4. Natalie,

    It is my humble opinion that timid sissies should get in the habit of a bit of mascara every day. Preferably not the super waterproof variety. No need to overdo it. Just a dab will do you. If you're really bold, a touch of pencil can really make your eyes pop without being obvious.

    This is important not just because it will make your eyes a sissy shade better, but because there will come that day when you look in the mirror and realize everyone had a good look at your smudged or running make-up!

    Trust me, I know!