Sunday, September 11, 2011

RSS: Redux

Many women do not become aroused as easily as men. Even the path to an orgasm can vary quite wildly. While most men prefer moving video and sound, women usually enjoy all manner of sensory stimulation - even including scent and taste. It can be frustrating to be a woman, because a slight loss in concentration may completely cool off your sexual appetite, but when you do cum it is a full body experience that affects you much longer than a simple male spurt.

Time: 24 hours
What you will need: your sissy clit

This lesson is mandatory...but I wouldn't think you'd skip the chance to work your clit anyway, you whore.

I want you to cum as many times as possible in the next 24 hours. If you lost your cum dumpster before then you will make a new, smaller one. There is one caveat: I don't want you to use any overt audio or visual pornography (no videos, no hypnosis audio, not even pictures with or without captions).

I'm not going to give you any material to use, either.

Most women do not get off on videos and many don't even use images. Women enjoy written erotica and their own fantasies. Lay in your bed - massage your body. Gently knead your breasts, run your fingertips down the inside of your thighs. Give yourself a little foreplay before you dive right to your clit or ass. Light candles or incense or find some other feminine scent to fill your room. Use your imagination to conjure up the fantasies you wish to see. Imagine it is you that is getting a throbbing cock driven deep inside of you. Imagine it is you getting goopy cum splashed all over your face.

If you're close to your own girlhood you might be able to rub some cum out of your clit without much effort. If you can't I'll obviously need to be tougher on you because you've still got a pathetic excuse for masculinity holding you back from being a good sissy.

And for the sake of your femininity think of yourself with a feminine name. I'm sorry "Doug," but in good faith I cannot wholly accept your apology until you embrace a feminine name like every sissy should. Being a sissy is your destiny, so perhaps you should be Destiny.

- <3 Regina

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  1. Thank you very much for the new name mistress Regina. Destiny has such a lovely sound to it and it really makes me feel pretty and feminine. These lessons have really helped me to realize who I am.

    Your dedicated sissy,