Sunday, September 4, 2011

RSS: Sissy Acceptance 101

Hopefully you've embraced your mantra. Today we're going to help you accept that you really are a complete sissy.

Time: 10-40 minutes
What you will need: your sweet sissy self.

This lesson is mandatory.

All those pretensions that you are really a boy will be gone by the time I am finished with you, sissy.

- <3 Regina


  1. While I have arrived late to the party I thank you for the ability to train. My ass still stings and it reminds me to not to be masculine, but instead focus on the feminine woman you want me to be. I will continue to train and interact and hope to become the sissy you envision me to be.


  2. Thanks Mistress Regina, wish I was on time for the party!

  3. I am in my second week of intensive sissification. I have worn my panties at work for a week and wore my training bra one day last week and have it on again today. I am begining to feel so much better as I reaaly want to feel like a girl and this has helped. I nub'd Friday and Sunday and goo'd in my panties. I left them on and enjoyed having a wet spot in my panties. I do a form of chastity I call "panty chastity. It is wear I wear a pair of very tight fitting panties and push mu clitty up inside myself and use the panties to hold it in. it works great and I feel like I have a girls cliity. It also looks awesome when I look at my panties in the mirror.
    More to cum tomorrow.

    1. I thought I would add a little more about myself this afternoon. I began my sissy training about 2 months ago. Started out slow, wearing panties and following some directions from blogs on self sissification. I removed all my body hair, shave my arm pits smooth as well and pubic area. I dress as a girl on Sundays and do my chores with a butt plug in my boipussy. I have milked myself and also have learned how to cum like a girl using a vibrator. I have the most intense orgasams massaging my prostate and rubbing a vib on the underside of my clitty. I enjoy cumming like that now more than stroking myself. I really enjoy laying naked on the bed after a good hot shower, rubbing lotion all over my smooth body and then working my prostate with my finer and then laying on my back with my smooth legs up in the aire, slidding a small dildo in and out and holding the vib on my clitty. I have cummed so hard and yet do not get a hard on. It has become something I look forward to the weekends for. I am in chastity during the week and then cum like the little girl I am on Sundays. I am also starting to grow my breast, the little nips are starting to show nicley.