Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Only a bimbo or a very obedient sissy could be so aloof.

For those unaware, Pueraria mirifica is not fish oil, but an herb with one of the highest concentrations of phytoestrogens, which ensures its use as a means of natural breast enhancement (and based on anecdotal evidence, once of the few phytoestrogen-heavy herbs capable of influencing hit and waist fat redistribution as well).

And for other supplemental Thailand-related information, kathoey is essentially ladyboy.

I received a fantastic anal training kit for Christmas. The largest plug is a bit big for me, but I've never need so much fluid ooze out of me - the vibe is heaven.

Hope all of you sissies had an exquisite holiday!


  1. can a pill relly do that lol

  2. Naturally, properly dosed hormone replacement therapy can do that (although that's not always pills).

    There's a decent amount of debate about Pueraria mirifica. For people trying to grow breasts (male and female like), it is suggested that men avoid it if their only intention is breast growth, since it mimics estrogen so much that it can cause other changes. Of course, scientific evidence for herbal supplements is sorely lacking so you'll have to go almost solely based on hearsay (although it does come from Thailand and seems to have played a large role in Kathoey-related culture).

    As for fish oil...well, it may help you be healthier, but it's not going to help you become any more feminine.

    It also takes months for the rebalanced hormones to have any effect (even with proper HRT).

  3. I have been taking pueraria mirifica for 6 months now and it has changed my breasts ..now fuller with large areolas and tissue growth already!! I feel so fem.