Saturday, December 17, 2011

Truth or Dare 4

Ready to open a freshly wrapped truth or dare?

We are approaching the core of the holiday season, and in the spirit of gift giving and receiving, it's time to explore what your sissy self has always wanted as a gift!

Truth: Which of your female friends/siblings gifts did you really want?

Many sizes would love to receive some smooth, lacy lingerie for Christmas today, but as children many sissies also yearned for the gifts that their female friends and relatives received. Either too secretive or confused to actively ask for such gifts, they had a hidden jealousy for the unwrapped gifts of their female peers.

I was occasionally "forced" to play house and Barbies with my sisters. But dressing and having imaginary everyday adventures was certainly fun, and I was never one to balk at the idea (a great, more modern analogue is the Sims - which is why it's a frequent favorite among girl gamers). As one of the youngest instances of preferring one of my sister's gifts, I remember a sleek, pink convertible being unwrapped and thinking how cool it would be to have my neatly-dressed Skipper cruising around.

So what was your most desired treasure, sissy? A Barbie or a cosmetics case? Or maybe even something a bit more tomboyish like a Mia Hamm jersey? Or just something as simple as the clothes your sister got?

Of course, you may have become a sissy a bit later, in which case you certainly have more gifts to fill your sissy wishlist.

Dare: I dare you to gift your inner sissy something she's always wanted.

How often has your inner sissy been able to unwrap a present specifically addressed to her? Have you completely embraced your feminine side and opened a package addressed to you with your sissy name?

Well if you haven't, now's the time.

What you want as a sissy can vary spectacularly. For very juvenile sissies, it may be something like a Barbie or a jewelry making kit. Most sissies - even if they were interested in their sisters' or cousins' gifts - still didn't receive much in the way of girly gifts and accessories as a kid. It may be the perfect opportunity to gift your inner sissy a childhood memory with a present she wanted as a child.

Of course, many sissies are grown up and prefer more adult gifts. Perhaps your inner sissy is a bit of a slut or nympho. She may benefit from a dildo or vibe to help curb some of that arousal (of course, knowing many sissies this may exacerbate the situation, but she'll certainly love it). Maybe she's always wanted (but could never work up the courage for) a dress or exotic outfit. Or maybe even lingerie. She's you, so only you can know what she truly wants for Christmas.

And then you'll wrap it and address it specifically to her. Feel free to put it under your tree (of course, some gifts are best in private :D ). Then on Christmas Day (or at some other point if you're ordering online or aren't Christmas-inclined), let your inner sissy dress to the nines and open the gift she's always wanted!

So a very Happy Holidays to you sissies and may all your wishes come true!
(even if it takes a little time)

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