Tuesday, November 8, 2011

A Day Off (Assignment)

Oh, not from being a sissy. You and me both know that never happens. Even when you're not dressed in soft, pretty panties and dolled up in your best make-up you're still a sissy.

No, I mean making your male side take a day or two off from ruining your sissy development. Most sissies fap at least once per day (some very horny sissies do so much more often), but immediately after you orgasm your sissy desires immediately subside. Your inner sissy's drive to slurp and suck the cum from your hand; the desire to keep your perfect make-up on all day; the will to go out in public dressed completely as your true feminine self - all that goes away when you cum.

It's incredibly difficult for you to stay a sissy cum slut or even a good sissy maid right after you cum.

So for the next two days indulge any sissy fantasy you have. Wear your panties to work for the first time. Paint your nails. Go to sleep fully made-up. Play dress-up with everything you have (even try folding or taping some of your clothes to look more feminine if your wardrobe is a little sparse). If you're a very outgoing sissy you may even want to go outside and find something interesting to do. But however you spend your time do not cum.

You can even rub your clitty, so long as you have the restraint to keep your inner sissy in control and not making cummies.

And, as a bonus for sissy cum sluts in the audience, after two days there will be plenty more cum for you to enjoy!


  1. You're soo right about holding back cummies to keep in in sissy delirium i like to softly stroke my clitty bring more girly feelings inside but holding back cumming. XOXO kisses~!

  2. Aww hon :) you speak the truth do much love