Thursday, November 17, 2011

Road Trip

When in Rome (...or when in a car full of girls...)...

We'll see if my internet problems have been fully resolved. Unfortunately I can make no promises, but that doesn't mean wonderful sissies like you - visiting this blog right now - should be left completely devoid of new material.


  1. I have been a sissy all my life and I have a little story for my nervous sisters.
    I had been to a party the night before a day of college classes.
    well I went to bed feeling no pain.
    the alarm went off. I quickly dressed unisex and hurried to class I negelted to remove nail polish and make up.
    I walked into class late and a person said or looked anything mean.
    after class a girl I was friends with mentioned she liked the color of my lipstick. We stayed great friends.